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I searched your posts and couldn't find a similar thread.  Prior to triathlon race last Sat., tripped in transition are (I know, dumb) and landed on shin just below the knee (slightly to inside side of shin, not directly center of shin).  This is in an area with very little in between skin and bone.  Hurt real bad, but I sucked it up and raced anyway.  After wards, did swell up and I did the normal ice and rest/elevation.  Did this for 24 hours.  Now, 4 days later, the spot is sore, swelling down, and area is slightly elevated in temperature.  I am going to race a 1/2 iron this Sunday.  Any recommendations on minimizing discomfort or reducing risk of injury?  I was wondering about a compression sock (Would have to be almost up to bottom of knee to help) or a knee brace.  I am going to do a very light run today to give it a test on being able to run, but with the assumption I can run, just looking for ways to minimize pain discomfort since I am going to give it a go on Sunday.  Good news is that the swim won't be putting any stress on it.  Thanks Doc!


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It may even be a pes anserine bursitis.  You can look it up on the Internet to make sure what I am thinking about jibes with your location of pain.  If it is truly just a shin contusion (even though I say "just" I know these can be very painful) you can use something of analgesia - Tylenol or some type of NSAID (with food) in the short term to help with the pain.  I would not recommend NSAID within a day or two of your race though (we are cutting it close) and I would just use Tylenol instead.  Keep icing.  If you think it is near the pes bursae - this is something that can be injected with cortisone to help as well.

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