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The age old question of when to ice or heat. My thoughts are ice are for my ankle that looks like a golf ball hiding in there, but heat for my possible cracked rib. Which leads to the second part of my question. If I do have a cracked rib, can running hurt it any more or is it ok to run? It only hurts when I breathe. Or just deep breathing. And what else can / should I do for it? I thinks it's healing as it's now a deep yellow on my chest.



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Nothing to do for a cracked rib except time.  If running is all you do then no big deal.  If you play any other sports (baseball, softball, football, basketball) then I would have you refrain a little longer from these sports.  If swollen then ice it.  If not, nothing else to do for it really.  On the following link we have some information on ice v. heat:

Also, do not use an ace bandage around your chest to help with the pain of the rib - this is something docs used to advocate but can be detrimental actually.

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