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Dr. Shah -

Saturday, after a relatively easy (pace wise) but technical trail run, I developed a pain behind my right knee. I'm not sure of the cause. I will say that I did bruise the right knee a week ago during a 25K trail race. But at that time, the back of the knee did not hurt. I did do an easy trail run yesterday, but I think this may have been a mistake, since the pain seems worse today.

The pain comes when I do a number of things: For instance, if I am in a sitting position and raise my right leg (with the knee bent) I feel the pain right behind the knee. When I stand up from a sitting position, I feel pain behind the knee as well. When I am sitting, and I extend the right leg, I feel the pain as well.

When I am standing, feel the pain as well when I bend my leg (ankle toward butt).

Any advise? 


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This sounds like it is a hamstring problem.  The only other things to think about is a possible meniscus problem or high calf problem (the calf originates above the knee in the back).  Most likely it is a hamstring problem.  No swelling to the knee?  No bruising?  Hamstring problems can take a few weeks to get better - icing, maybe an anti-inflammatory, gentle stretching and gentle eccentric strengthening can all help.  Eccentric hamstring strength is somewhat painful initially, so you have to be pretty careful. You can utube eccentric hamstring strength/ Nordic Hamstrings and find plenty of examples of the exercise.  Often a week or two off of running will help.

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